Entry #2

Scribble Ship Has Set Sail!

2017-08-18 13:30:22 by ItsChickenPIES

I am proud to announce my new business 'Scribble Ship' is now live and ready to grow. Scribble Ship is based on providing a fair service for artists to sell their art to customers/fans without the hassle of deliveries, fees and production. 

All our artists have been plucked right here from NG and I would love for anyone new to email me if they are interested in joining our crew and start selling their art. Please send any emails my way to scribbleship@gmail.com if you have any questions.

I'm excited to keep on growing the website with new talented artists and I would love for the Newgrounds community to give me feedback on what they think about the site, please feel free to list the negatives or positives and tell me what you would do differently. I'm a huge fan on Newgrounds and have been a proud supporter for years, I would like to personally thank them for creating a place for all artists to create, share and critic, whether it be games, animations, artwork or music. The site truly is a gem.


- Drew Wheeler (ItsChickenPIES)




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