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Looking for Artists!

2017-03-25 19:45:51 by ItsChickenPIES

If you have ever wanted to sell your art online then this may benefit you. I have been creating online videos since the first day I had access to a computer, I would make stop motion animations on MS Paint back when I was 10 years old. As the years went by I became more and more interested in making online content, I became fixated on the idea of being an internet animator.

To achieve this goal I was under no illusion, I would need to make money if I was to become an online creator. I looked for every conceivable way to try and earn some money from my work but to not much success, most businesses like Society6 give low cuts and the designs are swamped out by thousands of products. Trying to sell my own art came with issues too, such as an insufficient platform to sell on, shipping costs and production costs. I soon found out trying to sell my own products by myself was not worth the time that had to be invested.

More years passed by and I began to realise the harsh truth that the idea of making money from my mediocre online video's and art was not sustainable. I reach the age of 18 and I finish my A levels, It was time to get a job. Which leads me to the present day where I am an Online Marketing Apprentice.


Why did I have to bore you with all this... well because it explains the reasoning behind my latest business venture.

Now on to the gritty stuff not that sentimental crap. My brother and I are opening a new online store dedicated to giving a fair share between the creator and business. 

Trading only in the UK (for now) we want to team up with you, to sell all kinds of Illustrated gifts. We are accepting art from all countries.

The name is ODD SHOP (We wanted 'Odd Frog' but some moron had already taken it, I mean who in the world would want the name Odd Frog?!)


Anyways Heres the Deal.

  • You would apply to become one of our creators.
  • We find the designs we think would work.
  • We would then create the products and list them on our website
  • You will then pop the kettle on and make brew
  • When a product sells we will directly pay you 15% of the revenue
  • We will then ship the product/s 
  • And the cycle continues...


Why not just make your own store and sell direct that way you would earn 100% Profit? This would be incorrect, To be able to 'Sell' online you would need to pay for hosting the website and a domain name, you would have to pay for the raw materials, printing costs, transaction fees and you would have to pay shipping costs. I have done it myself and trust me it is not fun.

I  really want this business to be about fairness for the creator and 15% is 50% more than Society6. Perhaps if the business does well and my buying power improves I may be able to raise the percentage.

You have nothing to lose, we handle everything and if your design doesn't sell you still don't lose any money.


I'm not going to say this will make you rich because it probably won't, But it may be able to provide you with a new revenue stream without the hassle.


I would love to hear feedback from anyone and If there are any questions feel free to comment or email me on drew_wheeler@hotmail.com

For anyone who wants to become a part of the team then please send me a link to your work via email or NG.


Thanks For Your Time

Drew Wheeler (ItsChickenPIES)


Edit: New name due to domain issues we are now officially called Scribble Ship. www.scribbleship.com is now our home. The launch is looking to be JUNE 2017.


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